Welcome to DreamEd

As a public education system, Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) is focused on preparing students to reach their full potential and to be successful in their chosen pathways.

We are committed to creating a deep sense of belonging by supporting all students with safe, equitable, inclusive education within a culture of human rights.

To prepare students for a changing world, we know we must work together with educators, students, families, caregivers, community members  and thought leaders to reimagine how we teach and engage students in their learning and transform the education system for the 22nd century.

We have started laying the foundation for transforming education at WRDSB. But in order to make systemic change, we know we must engage educators, government officials, thought leaders and all stakeholders in education provincially, nationally and globally to really move the needle. We need to work together to innovate, foster creativity, share ideas, introduce new concepts and find alternative ways to engage students in their learning so that we can build a 22nd century education system that truly meets the needs of all students.

As partners in education and education transformation, we are inviting you to participate, innovate and learn from each other. We are calling on you to dream of a better education system that isn’t limited by financial or physical resources, but instead has the potential to set a new standard for learning and promoting student achievement and well-being.

Join us as we dream together through DreamEd.

A message from WRDSB Director jeewan chanicka